Mitch Gilbert with Planted Flowers

We're just like you...

We โค Downtown!

You might even say we're a little obsessed.

First of all, we believe that a healthy, vibrant & beautiful downtown Rochester is critical to the prosperity of our entire region of 1,090,135 people (give or take).

And secondly, we just think it's really cool!

So our mission is to make downtown even cooler through a unique approach that we call โ€œpractical, tactical urbanismโ€œ.

Basically, that just means we try to make the biggest impact possible with whatever resources we have available.

By developing "win-win" partnerships and being really, REALLY creative...

We strive to make 1 + 1 = 3 ๐Ÿ˜‰

Our Story

The City. Beautiful

The seed for Downtown ROCs was planted in 2018, when Mike Gilbert looked out the window of his new 4th floor downtown office and noticed a small unkempt park.

Overgrown with weeds, it was bordered on two sides by chain link fence. Garbage was strewn across a path leading to a statue, the view of which was swallowed by two rows of overgrown hedges.

Something had to be done.

So two weeks later, armed with rakes, shovels and bags, a dozen volunteers gave Schiller Park a much-needed makeover.

And so began a mission to beautify and activate downtown Rochester... One small space at a time.

Painted Bench

Let's ROC!

Partner with Us

We are always interested in talking about downtown Rochester. If you have an idea for a collaboration, or would like to participate in a Downtown ROCs project, we'd love to talk!

Contact us by email or at 585-370-5919

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โ€œLove your mission.โ€

Barb & Tony Glassman

โ€œWe appreciate all you do to maintain and beautify the neighborhood!โ€

Nicholas R. Miraglia, Esq.

โ€œEvery bit of beauty and care makes our downtown a better place to live and visit. Thank you!โ€

Sally Millick

โ€œWe believe in incremental downtown improvements.โ€

Mary & Tom Myers

โ€œWow, what you did looks very nice. Thank you so much and God bless you, my friend. Where were you for the last 6 years?โ€

- Sammy, Main Street Market & Deli

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